Does your DJ get to your event early enough to get his equipment set up in a timely manner and get it all sound checked along with getting the lighting and special effects correct prior to your guests arrival? Is the equipment and overall set up look professional and excellent quality? Is your DJ dressed professional and act professional at your event? Does your DJ know what needs to be said and how to approach delicate situations that may arise during the evening?


Does your DJ have a back-up DJ in place and can be reached. Bayside DJ has several other trusted DJ companies that can be notified as a back-up DJ for your venue if needed. Some DJ companies book more events than they can handle by sub-contracting other DJ’s to do multiple events on your special day. Bayside will not do such a thing and only brings the original DJ that you hire to your event with the experience that you expect along with the quality of equipment you remember seeing when you checked out Bayside DJ service prior to hiring. Murphy’s Law: “everything that can go wrong, may go wrong”, so what is your back-up plan?


Does the DJ know the venue, know the routine of how they do things, the acoustics of the room? All weddings have a tight agenda and must be coordinated and communicated with the caterer in charge. So any delays or miscues can cause missed pictures or video, overcooked food, poor communication with other vendors, acoustics of the room (proper sound system with upper full range and lower subs for a beautiful sound) etc.. “We recommend to ask your venue about who may be the best DJ for your needs, get references or look on-line to see your DJ’s reviews from other brides.”


I know most of our customers don’t ask about what type of DJ equipment is used or even if the DJ has knowledge of the wedding industry and traditions, but they should and here’s why. A DJ is performing around 4 to 6 hours continuous throughout the night with really no breaks, so if he is a bad DJ or has a bad audio system with mics cutting out, speaker distortion, sound not properly set-up for that room “you may have a very long night”. “According to “” and other wedding review sites, over 75% of brides are unhappy with their entertainment choice and wish they could do it all over again.”

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